The time has finally come. With this chapter’s conclusion, we get the confirmation that both Naruto and Sasuke have inherited the will of Ashura and Indra respectively, and we’re at a point where things are officially coming full circle for perhaps the final time (this series). In many ways, this inheritance and the Sage of Six Paths entrusting his powers to them both was the final piece of the cyclical repeat of history that’s happened throughout the series’ history, and it looks like things are truly reaching their end now.

That said, it is interesting to note that while there has been quite a bit given about how many things are similar to the past, this chapter also notes how some things have changed as well. For instance, both Sasuke and Naruto managed to become “friends” in the end despite following in the footsteps of the Indra/Ashura feud before, and it’s something that highlights the notion that something inevitably changes given enough repeats and enough time. There’s a sense here of one being the key to their own destiny here, and while it may be cliche, it does end up quite fitting considering the circumstances.

Aside from that, the last thing to note here really is how things didn’t end up quite as the Sage of Six Paths intended. It’s a nice metaphor for life and how it sometime ends up, and it it conjures up an old quote about how “the path to hell is paved with good intentions.” Needless to say, the quote in and of itself is something that gives you some food for thought, and let’s just say it’s something to ponder before we shift back to our fight’s climax.

「ツイッターらくがきまとめ」/「此処シグマ」の漫画 [pixiv]